Severin Trifunovic

What Gifts the Signs Would Give You:

  • Aries: Tickets to see your favorite band
  • Taurus: A stuffed animal of your favorite fictional character
  • Gemini: A book they told you about 7 months ago
  • Cancer: A scarf they knitted themselves
  • Leo: A framed picture of the two of you
  • Virgo: A two-day spa treatment (for 2)
  • Libra: A trendy outfit from your favorite store
  • Scorpio: A tarot card deck and instruction booklet
  • Sagittarius: An exotic tea from a little known-shop on the other side of town
  • Capricorn: That one thing you've been needing for a very long time but keep forgetting to buy
  • Aquarius: Tickets to your favorite amusement park
  • Pisces: A hand-made scrapbook of all of your memories together